Kumho Innovation

ESCOT Technology

Kumho's patented technology maximizes tire performance by optimizing braking capabilities and improving steering for safe, comfortable driving.

XRP - eXtended Run Flat Performance

With XRP technology, you can remain in control of the road even after your tire is punctured. A new generation of revolutionary tires employs a special rubber compound that puts safety first. XRP reinforces the sidewall to minimize tire deformation and structural tension when air pressure is lost. Available in select sizes of Ecsta MX, Ecsta LX Platinum and Ecsta SPT.

F3 Technology

Advanced high performance design and aerodynamic racing technology is produced with cost-efficiency. This is the Kumho F3 advantage.

Eco-Conscious Products

Our products combine technological innovation with an environmentally sound vision. Kumho actively seeks advances in materials and manufacturing techniques that are environmentally sound.

  • Electric Vehicle Tires
  • Synthetic Free Rubber: epoxidized natural rubber; higher elasticity; lower CO2.
  • Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS): better wear; easier processing.
  • Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons (PAH) Free Oil: natural resource base oil.

Innovative Products

  • 22/30 Series
  • 45 Series Super Single Radial
  • 28" High Performance for SUV
  • Colored Smoke Tire (Ecsta SPT)
  • Aviation Tires

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